Loving Asics Like the Onitsuka Tiger Coolidge Lo Sneakers

Whether you are running, walking or just wanting to look good, choosing the proper sneakers for your feet is crucial to your performance, safety, comfort and confidence. There are so many kinds of brands of sneakers to choose from and you can get them in different designs, colors and styles.

However, among the hundreds of sneaker brands worldwide, there is one brand that stands out and this is the Asics. There are many different kinds of Asics shoes that are available on the market, from running to team sports to casual wear. If however, you would prefer to simply look good with Asic shoes and feel good wearing them, there is also a huge selection.

One pair of shoes that really caught my eyes from the sneakers is the Onitsuka Tiger Coolidge Lo by Asics. There are precisely six color combinations to choose from but the seal brown/silver gray is the one I loved the most. Taking the elements of the classic basketball shoe of the 1970s, this pair features a more modern feel to go along with its old-school appearance. With soft durable leather upper and synthetic insole, my feet feels great even in a day of prolonged walking.

Moreover, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting blisters or cuts from the friction between my feet and the shoe with its textile lining for an ideal feel. Giving it a more old-school look, shell toe cap styling is added which I like because it protects my toes if ever somebody accidentally steps on them.

Additionally, I never have to worry about slipping or sliding with its rubber outsole that provides the ideal traction that I would need. Finally, with vulcanized construction, I am guaranteed that this pair would be durable enough for my every movement.

By the way, have I mentioned that you could also use this pair as basketball shoes? Well, you can and I have been using this pair for playing basketball, in addition to using it for casual wear.

This pair of Asic sneakers has really gone a long way with me and it has never let me down although there are clearly some signs of wear and tear but it nonetheless performs great and when it finally gives up, I’m sure to get another new pair of Asic sneakers.